What motivates you?

Hi All - I'm curious to learn what motivates you to lose weight? Why are you on this weight loss journey? Is it due to health reasons, because you're not happy with how you look, because you don't fit into your favorite clothes anymore, because you want to get a handle on your diet, because you want to meet a fitness goal... or something else? There may even be overlapping motivations. Just wondering what motivates you to move your body and focus on your eating habits?

My main motivations are to stay healthy and not develop a health condition, and also how I look and how I feel about the way I look. I feel most confident and comfortable in my body when I am at my ideal weight. I also don't want physical limitations to get in the way of what I do for movement (eg: I enjoy hiking and running and want to keep being able to do so).


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Hi, Son Yii & welcome to the forum. I think all of the above for me. You have a healthy outlook and that should hold you in good stead throughout your life. Well done :)


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I used to be thin and malnourished. What motivates me is of course, I want to be like superman! :p

I just want to be sick-free. That is why I want my body to keep moving.
My daughters , my oldest daughter isnt very active even though I tried very much to get her to b. Sometimes I fell I didn’t try hard enough. But with my youngest, anytime I workout or exercise I make sure she with me. She’s very active multiple sports. But I want them both to be healthy. So they’re my motivation