Yesterday You Said Tomorrow.

All of the seven people frown at me. I felt so much uncomfortable in the lift today. That's because I'm fat. It's me who eat a lot just following the desire of my mind and gut. I love to give him pleasure. And here I got the punishment from the society.

Once upon a time, I wanted to lose my weight to get rid of this obesity saying myself I'm gonna start my weight loss programme tomorrow. Yesterday I did say an oath to me. I'm gonna start weight loss plan tomorrow after the terrible lift incident. But I failed again. My gut wants to feel pleasure. I'm the servant of my gut. I can't control it. So no more tomorrow. I've started going weight loss program. It's a nice society full of positive people. Hoping to lose my weight within 3-4 months.

And I'll say once upon a time I was suffering from obesity.

Wish you all a healthy life
I love you post. It pinpoints exactly why people fail to change,not only in weight loss, but in any kind of change.

Rememeber what I will say very well. Any kind of change happens NOW and not in the future.
The idea behind the : I will start tommorow movement i based o the idea that at the moment it is really hard for you to start anything becaue of dificulty or timing or any other excuse you might find. So you falsely believe that tommorow the reason you wont do it today will cease to exist just by poor luck
The bad new are that it won't. It will be as difficult, boring, time consuming as it is now and the only way to start is to accept it and embrace the hard feelings that come with the resoncibility you have to yourself.

I would suggest you from now on when you find that little spark of energy to say taht tommorow you will start make sure you do something with that energy at that exact moment to make the change and dont wait until tommorow.