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    Hi, everyone. So im 25 years old, 1,66m and i my current weight is 82kg. i've been struggling with diets since i was 15 and i've been...
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    Emilyrose replied to the thread Emily's 6 Month Challenge.
    I am grateful for the cool fog on my drive home, a fun enough day in work and the very enjoyable meditation class I attended. Food...
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    Marsia replied to the thread Cate's Diary.
    Sounds amazing! I hope you take pictures of the spread and everyone enjoying it!!
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    Thank you my lovely forum friends :grouphug: G's siblings & spouses are coming for lunch today & we have been getting the house clean &...
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    I am SO tired. Stomach´s a bit better today. Skin still sucks.
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    Thanks, but 3 good days now. I've been worried about my weight going up lately.
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    Goal 7A: In Progress... Today's Weight: 195.2 Breakfast: 2 Yogurts, A few Grapes, 2 Poached Eggs, 2 pieces of Toast, 2 Packets of...
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    Food - 4 toasts with butter - 1 soup - veggie nuggets with white rice, green beans and ketchup - 2 madeleines - 5 slices of chocolate...
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    This is an easy one. It’s not about what you eat but how often you eat. I learned this from this new program that I found that wasn’t...
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    Janetken22 replied to the thread Best way to lose water weight.
    There’s a super easy way to do this. I recently found a new program that had me losing so much and it didn’t cost me that much either!
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    this wasn't a major goal of mine, but a really nice side benefit. on my way up the scale about 5-6 years ago, i stumbled upon an...
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    I used to have the same problem but then I found this new thing that works really well for me at least.
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    Marsia replied to the thread Cate's Diary.
    I also think it's good just to examine the feeling of wanting to fix everything, just sit and look at the repetitive thoughts like you...
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    Tuning out for self-preservation works for a little bit but in the long run you´re just suppressing your feelings. What helps me (if I...
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    That's a lot of cookies Redistribution will be what I do .